Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little Things that make a breeders day

this is an email from one of my puppy owners it really makes my day:
Hi Lyle. I thought I'd send you a Nami update. The "puppy princess" lovesmeeting new people and likes to play with puppies that don't run her overwhen rough-housing (at her puppy class). She has a solid sit, down andstand. She has a reliable heel-finish (her favorite) and settle (layingdown on her side). She's doing well with learning no and off, and respondsto drop it and take it, even when really excited and playing. She stillhas some strong bites and nips, but "off" and "that's not your chew toy"are working better (she then goes to find one of her chew toys). She'sdifferent from any dog I've known because low/loud/sharp corrections makeher even more excited; low/slow/composed voices work best to redirect her.She loves the water in the pool and spraying from the hose. She ischanging our lives in the best of ways! Robyn

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