Friday, April 3, 2009

blowing eggs for Easter

Diva Elizabeth and Brooke like to blow eggs to decorate for Easter.

We are lucky we have eggs left after Zippy jumped inn the back of the van landing right on top of 5 flats of eggs.

She broke about a dozen.

This is some of the eggs before they have been finished.


Susan said...

So THAT'S how to avoid the sticky mess all over the kitchen :)

Breaking the eggs in the car reminds me of the time I left Kiska in the car loose for five minutes and she demolished 5 dozen farm-fresh eggs. And spread them all over the back of the Tahoe. That's when I started keeping a kennel in my car all the time. :))

nicole hill gerulat said...

this is funny --i posted it on my blog. :)

zip is ridiculous. sorry